Get Started

System Requirement

For Linux

A Linux distribution and a Bluetooth device wireless

The followed libraries are required:

  • libx11: X11 development headers and library
  • libXtst: X11 test development headers and library
  • libbluetooth: Bluetooth development headers and library
  • libudev: Udev development headers and library
  • BlueZ: Linux Bluetooth protocol stack

The prgrams VLC and gpicview are required

For Android

The followed maximum and minimum version of Android Platform are required:

  • Minimum Android version 2.3.3
  • Maximum Android version 4.1

How install LinuxBlueControl for Linux

Download the last software package for Linux here and extract it.

Open the terminal and go to the folder where have decompress the archive and tape:

  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install

For more informations about installation read the file INSTALL content in the archive

If want to install precompilated binary package the links are:

How to install required libraries with APT (Debian, Ubuntu, ...)

  • sudo apt-get install build-essential libx11-dev libxtst-dev libbluetooth-dev libudev-dev

How to install required libraries with YUM (Fedora, Red-Hat, ...)

  • sudo yum install "Development Tools" libx11-devel libxtst-devel bluez-libs-devel libudev-devel

How install LinuxBlueControl for Android

Prefered: Install it with the mobile by Google Play Application. Web page is here

Alternative: Download here the apk file for installation and save it in the mobile device. When open this file Android ask if want install it. The installation process will start only if the device is configured to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.

After Install

Connect with the LBC for Android but before launch the linux server side application by type in the terminal

  • linuxBlueControlS


Here a list of commons faq that can help you.

Why my command system shutdodwn not work?

Because you don't have de super user permission for execute the command shutdonw. If you have "sudo" command installed you must add the permission to execute the command system shutdown whit sudo command and whitout password. If you don' t do it in the package are incluse a shell script that do it for you.

Open the terminal and go to the folder where are decompress the archive and type

  • cd sh
  • ./

If you don't have "sudo" command and want to use it, install "sudo" , reinstall "LBCS" end execute the script.

Why when browse the file whit Android I can't switch to the folder Music, Video ecc?

Because you not have installed xdg program in your Linux system. Try to install it.

Example whit apt packet manager. Open the terminal and tape whit root privileges permission:

  • apt-get install xdg-user-dirs